Duration 3-3.5 hrs | Difficulty: Easy

Duration 3-3.5 hrs | Difficulty: Easy

Duration 3-3.5 hrs | Difficulty: Mild

Duration 3 hrs | Difficulty: Mild

Duration 3-3.5 hrs | Difficulty: Mild

HP Tours

HP Tours was born back in 2008, when its founder, Henry Pizarro, followed his dream of starting a business in the area of tourism. Passion, commitment and quality were the ingredients necessary to kickstart a journey that would grow like wildfire in the upcoming years.

Today, Henry and his Guides have a wide variety of Tours available to satisfy your need for adventure and to help you discover the beauties Manuel Antonio and Costa Rica have to offer.

HP Tours has a variety of activities to satisfy any traveler's desires for adventure, learning, exercise, and beautiful scenery in Costa Rica.


With their knowledge in biology and natural specifics of the Costa Rican jungle, HP Tours guides provide detailed information about the flora and fauna of the Manual Antonio National Park and surrounding areas.  


Contact us and explore Costa Rica with our experienced Tour Guides proven to lead you on the adventure of your lifetime:

by email or on WhatsApp +506 8345 9963.To reserve your Tour go to our RESERVATIONS page.     

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